Statement by Citizens for Education on the Governor’s Education Plan

Statement by Citizens for Education on the Governor’s Education Plan


April 12, 2016—

Citizens for Education of Taylorville, Illinois rejects the Governor’s education plan which includes a budget that continues to perpetuate the inequity in the current funding system.  Under the Governor’s proposal, Taylorville School district loses $75,836 in the next school year.  Since 2012, Taylorville public schools have lost well over $3 million due to the state’s inequitable, inadequate funding formula. We cannot continue to distribute state dollars away from school districts with the highest concentration of low-income students like Taylorville, Harvey, and Chicago.

Ending proration does not address the underlying problems with the current model that hurts districts with low income students. Districts that have above average poverty levels LOST $26 million in the Governor’s budget. Districts that have lower than average poverty levels GAINED $68 million. Even wealthy districts with fewer than 10% low-income students gain funds in this budget, and these districts already spend more per pupil than the average Illinois district, and considerably more than Taylorville spends on each of our students.

Citizens for Education supports a more permanent solution to the state’s funding inequity, through Senate Bill 231, Better Funding for Better Schools.  The Better Funding for Better Schools approach accounts for student needs, considers local ability to contribute resources, and promotes adequate funding for all students in Illinois.  By ending proration and fully funding education for just school year 2016-2017 the state will spend an additional $55 million, but it could cost $350 million the next year making it unaffordable and setting deeper proration into motion for our future.   Senate Bill 231, Better Funding for Better Schools, ends proration permanently.  We need to end the state’s inequitable funding system through Senate Bill 231 this legislative session.”


Citizens for Education is a nonpartisan group of concerned citizens coming together to work toward securing fair and adequate funding for the future of our schools, students, and our community.

Citizens for Education is a member of the Funding Illinois’ Future coalition of 230 organizations and individuals dedicated to improving how Illinois supports its public schools and students.


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