A Letter from an Alum

“I will be voting YES in April. Everyone has the right to his or her opinion. Here is mine. I am a single mother raising 2 children. I live in a one income home that I purchased for my little family a year ago in Taylorville. I work my ass off to pay my bills (YES there are days I really struggle), and to support my children in their passions. I was born and raised in Taylorville. I attended West Elementary (Go Wildcats!), TJHS (Home of the Terriers in my day) and graduated from Taylorville High School (Class of 1999–hoorah!). In school I was active in cheerleading (home AND away games–we rode and bonded in those loud buses), student council, Key Club (where I was president my senior year), FCA, choir, band and the spring musical. I made a horrifically frightening-looking clock in shop class and was part of the CO-OP program my senior year. Through the CO-OP program I learned that as much as I REALLLLY didn’t want to work with boring attorneys “Please put me anywhere else”, I was assigned to a law firm where I ended up falling in love with law! I am now a paralegal because of my experience. I love my town. I hate that ALREADY my kids will not be afforded the same opportunities in school that I was. I’ve read comments about people voting no because “the water bills are already so much higher”, “I don’t have school-aged kids” etc. I get that. I get annoyed as well with expenses. But, at the end of the day, I would literally do anything for my kids, their friends and the numerous kids I have coached through the years. For me it is a no-brainer. I want my kids to graduate from Taylorville High School….but not in a school where we literally can only offer them what is required by law. Have you read the comments written by current high school students? These are kids with passion, with talent, with amazing work ethic begging us to do the right thing. Many cannot even vote yet but are SO incredibly educated on the facts! Our kids need our help. Please no negative comments or debate on this post. Since I cannot be at the meeting tonight, I just wanted to get my thoughts and feelings known. Citizens for Education has my support and I’ll be there in spirit!!”


– Lisa Durham Sims

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