What happens if the referendum doesn’t pass? It’s simple really, and it is already being planned and can only be reversed by passing this referendum. Staff reductions and program cuts (which have been approved) will lead to students having no options, and their families will leave. When the businesses’ clients leave, so do they. No businesses or quality education means house values will plummet. You will have no value in your homes and will be stuck in a town with nothing. This is as simple as we can put it. In the school year of 2017-2018, 16 staff positions and 14 extra-curricular activities will be cut. In the school year 2018-2019, 12 more staff positions and 4 other programs will be cut. This IS NOT a scare tactic. THIS IS REAL. These are real people losing their jobs. These are real programs being cut. The next time this referendum can be put on the ballot is two years from now. By then, the damage has been done, and there’s no turning back. We pay lower property tax rates than Kincaid/Southfork, Decatur, Chatham, Rochester, Morrisonville, Springfield, and Pana.This DID NOT come from mismanagement of the budget. In fact, the only reason this referendum has not come sooner is BECAUSE of the diligent and carefully planned work of the Board of Education.”

– Bryce Marsaglia
THS senior

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