Letter to The Editor ran in the Breeze Courier on 02/21/2017:

Dear Editor,

The Taylorville schools referendum has been discussed at length in the paper recently and in speak out. I am the parent of three Taylorville school students and my husband is a proud alumnus of Taylorville High School. We moved to Mt. Auburn because we wanted the same opportunities for our kids that my husband had in Taylorville schools. Excellent opportunities inside and outside of the classroom with dedicated teachers and coaches who care about our kids.

I know that balancing accounts and making sure bills are paid every month is hard work. We work hard to put food on the table and make sure that our kids get to their various practices. While no one likes to pay more in property taxes, if we do not take responsibility for funding our schools, no one will. Our kids will be left with larger class sizes, fewer opportunities to take college prep courses or vocational classes, and no extracurricular activities. This also means that working families will have to pay for additional day care or find other places for their children to go before and after school.

We can and must fund our schools. The average property tax payer in the Taylorville School District would pay less than $25 dollars per month under the proposed referendum. For most residents on a fixed income, due to exemptions, the amount would be much less. Please join us in supporting our kids. Please vote yes on the Taylorville schools referendum on April 4th.

Amy Mileham
Proud Tornado Parent Mt. Auburn, Ill.

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