Jayme Francis

“On April 4th those of you within the surrounding communities and of Taylorville SR high school will be asked to willfully vote to raise your own taxes, while I understand that can be hard pill to swallow, you have to fully understand what is at stake, fully understand what these kids bring to the table. Please take a minute to read about my experiences within this school and community if your still on the fence about how to vote April 4th.

I have lived in Taylorville for almost two years now, like most people I chose to purchase a home in Taylorville largely based on the school system and the community environment. Since I started recruiting in this area in September, I have had three major events in Taylorville high school and I am in the school weekly doing things with current soldiers or applicants. I haven’t hosted a major event in any other school of the 10 other schools I recruit out of, more than twice since I started recruiting. There’s a reason for that and it has nothing to do with wether or not enlistments come out of this school. I genuinely enjoy being there. I currently have two soldiers under my care who attend Taylorville hs and soon there will be third, of those three, all of them are currently, or have participated in athletics. I spend so much time at Taylorville hs because of the environment the staff and students create there. This is a school that is genuinely fun to be at, a school where majority of the students are respectful and go out of their way to thank me for my service. I know a large amount of these students by name, regardless of whether they join or not, I care about them. I try to be a positive role model for them the best I can, but anyone who knows me knows I’m just a big kid so sometimes I can be seen more as a peer than a role model. Regardless, every kid in that school shows me respect when I come in there asking for their time…..every single one. Do you know why? Because the parents and faculty demand that of them. The coaches and teachers push these kids to opportunity, push them to success. Push them to be great academically, push them to be great athletically. By not voting yes, you are directly responsible for taking that power away from those teachers and coaches. I relate to these kids, most of these kids are being raised the way I was raised, in a world based on morals, values, and always moving forward to better things. They work hard and there are some incredible athletes coming out of this school. There are kids in this school now moving on to college on athletic and academic scholarship opportunities. Opportunities that will not exist without the help of this community. Opportunities that you will be responsible for taking away by not voting yes. As recruiters we see the direct results of the education system through the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). We see positive results from Taylorville hs. Kids are smart here, the class sizes are mostly appropriate so the quality of education is exceptional. The teachers and coaches genuinely care about what they do. And they care about these kids. These kids are being afforded the opportunities they deserve. We are asking you to help continue that, let’s be honest about the taxes your paying in Taylorville, the school should have asked for more, a long time ago. The difference you will see is minimal financially and you should have already been paying more than you have been, be grateful that the school was able to get this far with they have. Look at what they have achieved, imagine the quality of education they can give these kids with more money. Imagine what they will lose without it. This is it people, this is when communities die, this decision will make or break Taylorville. If u don’t care about the kids, you care about something, and I promise you it will be affected in a negative way if you fail to vote yes on April 4th. It’s Economy 101. Taylorville hs faculty are able to foster a caring and positive environment that you will be removing from these schools by failing to vote yes on the 4th. Please do what is right for this community and vote yes to the tax referendum.

I have nothing to gain as a recruiter from the passing of this referendum, but as a resident of this community I will be voting yes to our kids and our community because I care about this community and I want every single kid raised in this community to have every opportunity possible. I trust that the people of Taylorville and the people who are able to vote in the surrounding areas will come together to ensure the future of our kids as well as this community on April 4th.”
-Jayme Francis

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